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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

#CompanySpotlight : Plastic-free home refills




We are back with another #company spotlight: AuthenticHouse! The goal behind the concept is to make sustainability accessible and aspirational. We asked Alice, the founder of Authentic House, more about the company and love what she shared with us.

In line with the UN #Sustainable Development goals, #AuthenticHouse aims to build a sustainable future and especially refers to Goal no.12, Responsible Production and Consumption: "We focus on small consumable products and refills around the #home, because any lasting change begins with small steps. Simply being more aware of the products that we bring into our home, and replacing them with sustainable alternatives when they're worn out can help us to build confidence and a feeling of integrity in how we live, so that we can then campaign on a wider scale to encourage governments and larger companies to make changes respecting the environment, and to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible to more people."

Except from working on the educational part of sustainability, Alice and her partner Daniel want to go a little further and also focus on repairing existing damage. With every order and subscription of the eco friendly boxes they offer, a tree is planted. As Alice points out: "We do this via Treeapp, which works in partnership with The Eden Projects and One Tree Planted to plant trees around the world where they will make the most difference. This could mean planting to protect marine wildlife in Madagascar or preventingnatural disasters in Nepal. All trees planted are native to the country and multiple species are planted to prevent monocultures, all on land that has been secured into perpetuity." By being an all around promoter for sustainability, AuthenticHouse presents the perfect member for the #GreenWave community. The social media appearance and the website alone show the #passion with which the concept is worked on.

Even though the business started just two years ago, AuthenticHouse already accomplished a lot. Not only have they been seen in the Guardian and the British GQ, they also have been sponsored by Red Bull Social Innovation, "gained two brilliant #female mentors" and - most importantly - they kept believing in their ideas and passion and are proud to say that AuthenticHouse now has some momentum of their own. And maybe, that's because the mission behind the concept is very relevant in our society. Making #sustainability something that is not only expensive and unattainable is crucial to helping our planet and fighting for a greener future.

Because the idea so far is working out great, we were wondering:

Are there any #future plans?

"I see sustainable, plastic-free products becoming more #mainstream in the future, and I'd like AuthenticHouse to be part of that. We're preparing for the future by creating new products now for our own AuthenticHouse range, while also stocking the best eco-conscious products we can find from other brands. Eventually, we'd like to become the M&S or John Lewis of sustainable living - somewhere you go because you trust that everything you find there is of quality and made with respect for the planet and its resources."

With that being said, we are pleased to participate in the path and future of Authentic House. We are happy to have such a great business on board! :)


GreenWave Team

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