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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

#CompanySpotlight Bikinis born from a Wave!

All swimwear is made sustainably from 100% recycled plastic that’s been recovered from the ocean! The pieces are produced ethically and handmade by women making over a living wage in Bali, Indonesia.

The retail industry is one of the most polluting industries so aside from it being personally important to me, I knew that in joining the retail industry I had to do my part and create a product that was low waste”. - Dylan, Born from a Wave Founder

How Born from a Wave takes swimwear one step further...

Every one of BFAW suits is made out of recycled plastic, most of which are being removed directly from the ocean and recycled into beautiful, comfortable fabrics. BFAW’s goal is to make comfortable swimwear that makes you feel good. They source all our raw materials from 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon and all of our bikinis are ethically produced by women in Bali earning a living wage. To sum up, here are a few things that make BFAW’bikinies different than other Bikini Companies?

  1. 100% recycled materials: BFAW uses premium recycled nylon to produce all their high-quality bikinis.

  2. Produced ethically: BFAW pays over a living wage to employ women in Bali in making their suits by hand.

  3. Close the loop: BFAW offers 25% off when customers donate their bikinis back to us, preventing our products from ever being a part of the pollution problem again.

  4. Give back: BFAW donates 1% of profits to Project AWARE® - a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers.

Why is your company called born from a wave?

Waves symbolize the highs and lows of life, new beginnings, fresh starts, and the power of the ocean — and every piece of swimwear we sell is ethically made from 100% recycled plastic that’s been recovered from the ocean. Our passion (and our bikinis) will always be… born from a wave.

Quick Factsheet:

  • Founded by Dylan in Florida, US

  • Website: https://www.bornfromawave.com/



The GreenWave Team

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