Stroodles: The famous Pasta Straws

#CompanySpotlight : biodegradable, flavorless and vegan: the perfect replacement for plastic straws


Made in Italy



Most people know: #Plastic straws are one of the biggest #polluters of our environment and are especially a danger for sea creatures like #turtles. I mean, who hasn't seen the disturbing pictures of straws being eaten by animals or getting stuck on them? But nobody wants to go without straws - I mean, they are really useful!

Good news: there are #sustainable options! To ensure that we can continue to use straws without harming the #environment, there are companies like #Stroodles. This sustainable company specializes in pasta straws, which can be used in large quantities for hotels, restaurants and the like. Of course, these #straws can only be used once, just like plastic straws. However, these vegan and sustainable products are, in contrast, environmentally friendly.

They last over an hour (I mean, who needs longer to sip their drink) and are made in #Italy (where else).

Apart from the great idea, the company convinced us in a completely different way: a glance at the social media site and website was convincing enough to want to work with this company. The appearance and the team are totally likeable. You can see that the company wants to have a real impact and wants to change something for our environment - change something for a greener future!

Visit the website and their instagram to find out more about the inspiring company! Let's help the environment with one #stroodle at a time!


GreenWave Team

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