The Benefits of a Wooden Brush

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Although plastic hairbrushes are very common and used often, they might not be the best greatest option for your hair. Plastic hairbrushes may be convenient because they are light and inexpensive to buy but there are some added benefits to using #Wooden hair combs and brushes. Wooden hair tools have been around for centuries and they have great health benefits that plastic and metal simply don't have. 

Why Plastic Brushes Can Be Damaging to Your Hair

Plastic can be bad for your hair due to the fact that it can create a lot of static electricity. This is especially obvious in the cold winter months when the air is dry and is exacerbated by the heaters we use to keep our homes warm. Combing staticky hair can cause damage and breakage and is also ... not a good look. Something else to consider as to why plastic can cause damage to hair is that plastic can break or damage easily which can create small cracks or ridges in the tool you are using that could snag and pull your hair damaging it more.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Wooden Tool?

Combs and brushes made of wood not only have a very pleasing craftsman-like, quality to them, they are also much gentler and kinder on your hair.

Here are some of the benefits:

1. It is gentle on the hair Wood has a negative electrical charge just like your hair! This is great news and means that a wooden comb will help your hair lay and give it a smooth and natural silky look instead of making it frizzy. It can facilitate in the de-tangling process and will help avoid breakage and split ends. 2. It helps to nourish your hair Your scalps natural oils will be distributed more evenly through your hair with a wooden comb than with metal or plastic, this is because the oils won't stick to wood. This will leave your hair looking and feeling less greasy, and may even help with growth. 3. If you have sensitive skin, it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions Due to the fact that wood is natural, it is not as likely to stimulate any allergies or skin conditions you may have, this is also great to keep in mind when gifting to someone you know who has sensitive skin.

4. It stimulates the scalp When using a wooden comb you can intentionally massage your scalp without bruising or scraping the skin, these motions will increase blood circulation and stimulate healthy oil production encouraging hair growth.

5. It encourages hair growth Another benefit that can come from regularly massaging the scalp is increasing hair growth. So apart from the amazing feeling of a scalp massage, the motion and action stimulate the follicles to produce more hair strands, increasing growth and producing thicker hair. 6. It helps reduce dandruff and an itchy scalp When avoiding scraping the scalp and evenly distributing your scalp's oils, you will naturally reduce dandruff and itchiness.  7. It removes dirt from your hair Like I mentioned before metal and plastic hairbrushes have a high-static charge, this, unfortunately, lets dirt and dust stick to them. When you brush your hair this dirt will be distributed all in your hair. Not great, right? Wood, however, will actually help brush or sweep the dirt out of your hair. 8. It's eco friendly Because a wooden hair tool is made of ... yes you guessed it, wood, it's biodegradable which is eco-friendly. Wood is also very durable and these tools tend to last a long time making it great for a #zero #waste and #plastic #free lifestyle. 9. It's suitable for everyone Anyone and everyone with hair on their head can use a wooden comb or brush for the benefits to their hair and scalp health as well as for the environment like mentioned above.

So are you ready to make a switch?


Your GreenWave Team

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