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Every year, we see new trends, new styles and come up with new ideas on how to dress. Sometimes those trends last longer, other times they are only popular for one season. However, if we take a closer look, some trends never got out of style. For example: the all black outfit. I believe that this trend never stopped “trending” as all black pieces can be

  1. Great to combine with other clothes when we feel like it.

  2. Never a bad idea no matter for what occasion.

Therefore, today we are putting together an outfit all in black - and sustainable!

Black Shirt

(from left to right)

no1: This black top is from Jann 'n June, a brand that was founded in Germany. Known for their beautiful and simple designs, Jann n' June is definitely a brand that shows us that sustainability and fashion can go hand in hand. As they say beautifully, "We believe that affordable fashion doesn’t mean a trade-off between profit and people or our environment."

no2: The "Lia Tank" from Lacausa is 100% cotton and it is the perfect piece to combine with any outfit. The one shoulder design is a great little "extra" for whatever outfit you choose. A little side fact: La Causa is Spanish for "the cause" and the motto of the brand!

no3: The Truffle Tank might be something to wear without a jacket so that you don’t cover the cute arm detail. This top is from the brand ABLE. The most impressive feature of ABLE, is their mission to fight against poverty by providing jobs to women in Ethiopia. They are very transparent about what they pay those women and urge other brands to do the same!

Black Pants

(from left to right)

no1: Classic black denim jeans have never been a wrong choice. These “mom” style jeans from Aritzia are the perfect high rise. These pants are also made from 100% cotton, which makes them super comfortable and long lasting! Aritzia started a project called "Denim Forum", which highlights their commitment to sustainability. Their denim jeans are made with sustainable cotton and they successfully make efforts to reduce their water and chemical usage!

no2: These straight leg pants from nu-in are made out of 67% Recycled Polyester, 29% Eco Rayon and 4% Elastane. The cut is perfect to wear casually with a simple shirt or sweater but is also great to wear to work with a blazer or blouse! Nu-in is very transparent about their production processes and they also ship their products in 100% compostable product bags!

no3: Everlane calls these black pants, "The Dream Pant” for a reason. With an elastic waste, the material which is "wrinkle resistant", these pants are a great choice for a busy day that requires something that looks good and are comfortable at the same time. Everlane is another fashion brand that is constantly working on their sustainability approach, using eco-friendly materials and even recycling bottles for certain products.

Black Jacket

(from left to right)

no1: This short puffer jacket from nu-in is made out of 100% recycled nylon (outside) and 100% recycled polyester (inside). This jacket is definitely something for those colder days and is a great alternative for you if you are not the biggest fan of long coats in the winter.

no2: This long jean jacket from the H&M Conscious Collection and made out of 100% organic cotton. Especially on days that are warm throughout the day but get colder at night this adorable denim jacket is a great choice.

no3: This blazer by Everlane is a classic piece for everyone who is still looking for a perfect, go-to, black blazer. Made out of 100% Lyocell, this blazer can be washed at home. Also: don't forget to scroll down on the product page, Everlane is giving an explanation on how the price of the product is justified!


GreenWave Team

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